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Create a Thriving Family Legacy

When it comes to creating a lasting legacy, many financially blessed families find themselves unsure of where to begin. Jeff Rogers founded Stewardship Legacy Coaching to help people successfully navigate even the most complex dynamics, to ensure their legacy inspires a thriving family, for generations to come.
In Create A Thriving Family Legacy, Jeff offers practical insights to help you confidently leave a blessing behind; one that furthers God’s Kingdom and the causes you support. This book will help you organize your purpose into a plan, through the areas of personal, family, financial, business, and Kingdom legacy.
From over 35 years of successfully guiding families through the legacy planning process, and as the recipient of several nationally recognized awards, Jeff understands how to help you and your family create a legacy you’ll want to live and leave.



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“Anyone seeking to prioritize passing wisdom along with wealth would benefit from reading this book. Jeff is experienced, competent, and passionate about assisting families to live into and pass along a godly legacy. I couldn’t agree more with Jeff’s invitation and challenge to be intentional about the legacy you are leaving!”

Todd Harper

President, Generous Giving

This book also explores the best methods for highly effective wealth transfer and techniques for Zero Estate Planning. These techniques make sure the resources that God has entrusted in you go towards people and causes that you support, rather than being outrageously taxed by the government.

For the rising generation, an inheritance can be either a blessing or a curse. Without proper guidance, an inheritance can cause a sense of entitlement or be squandered without purpose. In Create a Thriving Family Legacy: How to Share Your Wisdom and Wealth with Your Children and Grandchildren, Jeff explains what should be included in stewarding your legacy. With the right preparation and consideration, you can give purpose to an inheritance and avoid careless spending, as well as pass down important wisdom.

As a Christian, it’s imperative that you plan for a legacy that will honor the Lord because He made all of this possible. This book is the perfect place to a start planning your lasting legacy of stewardship. With Create a Thriving Family Legacy and Stewardship Legacy Coaching™, you can build a family legacy that has significance and leave your mark on Eternity. Create a Thriving Family Legacy: How to Share Your Wisdom and Wealth with Your Children and Grandchildren is available at these online book retailers.

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