Will Your Family and Business Embody Your Values After You’re Gone?

When it comes to crafting your legacy, you can never start too early or be too thorough. This is a process that should account for more than mere finance. You want to be certain that what you leave behind is intentional, proactive, and aligned with your values and beliefs. Whether it is your wish to provide for your community or lend guidance to loved ones after you are gone, there are ways to ensure your desires are fulfilled. All that it takes is dedication and an expert to translate these hopes into a solid plan.

Jeff Rogers has more than thirty years of experience assisting financially-blessed families with legacy planning. Throughout his career, he has helped his clients gift more than $960 million to ministries internationally. He and his team at Stewardship Legacy Coaching are dedicated to helping families build a strong and lasting legacy guided by their faith.

Do you want to see how your family is doing in creating a Thriving Family Legacy? Please take our Assessment to both determine your areas of strength and flourishing as well as to identify gaps or opportunities for improvement.

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