About Jeff Rogers

Jeff is the Founder and Chairman of Stewardship Legacy Coaching and Stewardship Advisory Group. He has over 30 years of experience in helping financially-blessed families build strong and lasting family legacies. In that process he also helps them achieve Financial Freedom through the Wise Stewardship of the resources they have been blessed with. He has a heart-felt focus in the specialized areas of Family Legacy Coaching, Zero Estate Tax Planning and Business Legacy Coaching.

Professional Career

Jeff is the Founder and Chairman of Stewardship Advisory Group™ and Stewardship Legacy Coaching™, advisors that help faith-based families use what God has entrusted in them in a spiritually responsible way. Through his career, Jeff has assisted clients in gifting over $970 million to ministries internationally. Because of his passion for Biblically Responsible Investing, he also served as the chief architect in the development of Stewardship Asset Management, LLC; which he believes will become America’s leader in Biblically Responsible Investing! He also has an extensive background in Advanced Charitable Estate Planning, Comprehensive Wealth Management, Asset Protection, and Zero Estate Tax Planning.

Stewardship Legacy Coaching

Stewardship Legacy Coaching™ is meant to help people like you think past monetary and material things when planning your legacy. The Stewardship Legacy Coaching™ process is about looking at all of the resources that God has blessed you with and making a plan to delegate them in a spiritually responsible way. Faith-based legacy planning explores gifting to different ministries, leaving wisdom and guidance for the rising generations, and being sure that the resources you leave behind honor God in all aspects. With careful planning, a life of success can be transformed into a legacy of significance and purpose.

The Steward Legacy Coaching™ process will help you to look at five areas of your lasting legacy- personal, family, financial, business, and Kingdom. Breaking down what you want from these five areas, we are able to make a legacy that takes care of you, the rising generations, and God’s Kingdom. Along with the resources you leave behind, you can leave wisdom and faith to guide each person in your legacy and make a lasting impact on Eternity!

Awards & Honors

Jeff is a Charter Member of Kingdom Advisors and has earned the Certified Kingdom Advisor designation. In 2013, he was honored to be the recipient of the Larry Burkett Award from Kingdom Advisors. Jeff is a graduate of Word of Life Bible Institute and attended Franklin Pierce College of Law & Business. As a lifelong learner, Jeff has also done extensive post-graduate coursework in the areas of family legacy, Biblical stewardship, estate planning, asset protection, wealth management, tax planning and business exit and succession planning. Jeff is also a Certified Estate Planner. One of Jeff’s greatest joys is coaching individuals in thinking deeply about their Family Legacy and their potential to impact Eternity through the investment of their time, talents & treasures as well as their leadership, relationships & influence… through the lens of Biblical Stewardship and with an Eternal Perspective.

Personal Life

Jeff and his wife Cathy are active in their local Church and enjoy traveling, concerts & spending time with friends. They worked in youth ministry for many years and have led a small group Bible study for the last 15 years. Jeff serves on the Board of Compass—finances God’s way of Central Florida and GenerousChurch. Jeff also enjoys God’s creation while boating or hunting.