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Have you ever asked yourself…

Will your children still be hugging each other six months after you die?
Do you think it’s possible to give your children too much wealth; so that instead of it being a blessing to them it could end up being a curse? Instead of it helping them, it could end up harming them?
If you are a person of faith, have you incorporated your faith and biblical principles of stewardship into your plans for a legacy that could ripple throughout eternity?

It’s Not Just About Transferring Your Valuables,
It’s About Transferring Your Values.

Of course, it is about tax-efficient transfer of your wealth, but wealth without wisdom can ruin your children & grandchildren.

The Five Areas of Legacy


Do you clearly understand the purpose for your prosperity?

Each person is uniquely made to fulfill a God-given purpose and leave their footprint in this world. Growing spiritually is the most important part of our life's stewardship, and needs to be cultivated to help future generations do the same.


Are your children and grandchildren prepared for the responsibility of wealth?

Our family is a precious gift from God. In addition to offering financial provision, we call to discipleship in each area of their lives, to prepare your loved ones. Do you have an intentional, proactive plan for preparing your heirs in these important areas?


Will your wealth be a blessing or a curse to the next generation?

What we own does not define us, but it can impact our influence on others. Ensuring our loved ones have sufficient provision but not excess enough to ruin them is paramount to stewarding our financial legacy.


Will your business thrive under the next generation of leadership?

We were made to create. To be fruitful. For many of us, the growth of our businesses serves as a key part of our legacy. From a Kingdom perspective, business should be built on the foundation of virtues and values. Preparing future leaders of our business helps our vision live on, long past our leadership.


Do you desire to hear "well done" when it matters most?

Everything we do is ultimately out of service to God and for His glory. Having a Kingdom mentality ensures we are not just investing for the here and now, but for eternity. Knowing we are accountable to invest for God’s Kingdom serves as a motivation to wisely steward all God has given us.

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The Five Types of Legacy Capital

Our faith, values and purpose serve as the moral compass to guide us through each of the five primary legacy capitals. The legacy we create for loved ones will ultimately be shaped by our beliefs in each area listed below:

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Intellectual Capital

Whether gained through formal education or life experiences, our Intellectual Capital is a critically important element in our legacy. When combined with our faith, we begin making key decisions with wisdom and eternity in mind. Developing our intellect through sound biblically-based self-improvement and wisdom enable us to make beneficial and informed decisions.

Human Capital

Your Human Capital is as unique as you are. In this capital area, your personality, hobbies, faith, and passions greatly impact the decisions you make. For example, the insatiable risk-taker who find themselves in peril, left to their unbridled self. The overly cautious person might miss key opportunities if only guided by their personality. It's important to take into account the realistic Human Capital of each individual involved, as we plan for the effective transfer of our legacy.

Spiritual Capital

When it comes to making the most important decisions for your family's wealth, your Spiritual Capital can become a guiding light. Viewing our lives through the lens of Biblical stewardship provides a framework that breathes life and clarity into the other areas of our legacy. Our values and decisions are informed by faith and come from a deep abiding relationship with God. As you prepare future generations to steward your legacy, your Spiritual Capital becomes the foundation.

Financial Capital

Everything we have is an asset and part of our Financial Capital. Money, property, investments, equity and liability all are encompassed in this area of our legacy. It determines our ability to create more wealth, or may clearly define our boundaries. Will we be faithful stewards of the financial resources God has entrusted to us?

Relational Capital

The people God brings into our lives can form an encouraging and enduring network for generations to come. These relationships need to be invested in, to ensure they remain healthy, vibrant, and beneficial to the legacy we feel called to live and leave. Our Relationship Captial, formed with people striving toward godly excellence, is one of the most significant forces helping us create a lasting legacy.

Create a Thriving Family Legacy:
You will leave a legacy for the next generation. We all will.

Will your legacy include the values, virtues, guiding principles, and culture that you’ve worked hard to instill in your family or business? In Create a Thriving Family Legacy: How to Share Your Wisdom and Wealth with Your Children and Grandchildren, Jeff Rogers details how you can take a different approach to estate planning. Instead of merely transferring wealth to the next generation, Jeff shares how to prepare your heirs with wisdom and values, helping them thrive well beyond your years. Let Jeff become your guide as you create the legacy you truly want to leave behind.

This book will be your field guide to whole-life stewardship, looking at five aspects of legacy: PERSONAL LEGACY | FAMILY LEGACY | FINANCIAL LEGACY | BUSINESS LEGACY | KINGDOM LEGACY

If you want to create a lasting legacy that furthers God’s Kingdom and supports the causes you love, then Create a Thriving Family Legacy is for you.

“Wisdom transfer as well as wealth transfer—what an idea! Jeff dives through a comprehensive approach for making sure your intentions and money say the same thing. Create a Thriving Family Legacy: How to Share your Wisdom and Wealth with Your Children and Grandchildren combines field-tested advice, practical suggestions, and biblical wisdom for families that have been entrusted with much.”

Todd DeKruyter

President, Family Meridian
Author, Navigating Life with More Than Enough

Stewardship Legacy Coaching

Many wealthy people want their legacy to be a blessing to their children and grandchildren, but are unsure how to plan for this effectively. Stewardship Legacy Coaching helps high net-worth families navigate even the most complex dynamics, to ensure their legacy inspires a thriving family, for generations to come.

Jeff Rogers

Jeff has been coaching financially-blessed families and business owners for over 30 years. He knows how to guide you in transferring wisdom, virtues and family values to your children and grandchildren. His expertise in zero estate tax planning and strategic & tactical tax planning can help you to transfer your wealth to your family in the most tax efficient way. By helping you integrate your faith, biblical stewardship and generosity into your planning, he can help you have greater Kingdom impact as part of your legacy!